Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Was I amazed by this? I’m not sure, but he’s still hyphenated. There are some amazing things that happen here, some things are maybe not so amazing. The story seems to concern itself with Peter Parker’s relationship with Gwen, of course the daughter of a dead police officer. He told Peter to leave her alone as he was convinced that due to his shenanigans; harm would come to her. There is as well Harry, Peter’s friend who is the son of an industrialist who set up Oscorp, a massive company with a number of issues. Big corporate business is course evil and immoral, does nobody investigate and regulate these companies. Their health and safety at work practices leave a lot to be desired.
The there’s Max; he’s a put upon employee of Oscorp who becomes Electro, after he falls into a vat of electric eels. He seems to be an electric version of Dr Manhattan, surely not. He jumps to big conclusions to start hating Spider-man after previously being a friend of his. As well as Oscorp he has issues of his own as well.
I have a few issues though that I can’t get over. The suit now looks like one of those all over Lycra suits that men wear to stag nights, to clubs, to football matches and fancy dress days at cricket, the ones where they cover the face as well. How hilarious was it when they had Andrew Garfield making jokes about England in the oh so accurateUniversity of Oxford office in New York. I know it’s a comic book but, if you’ve not seen the film look away now, Peter’s father’s lab as a subway train that he presses a button to activate and it still works after twenty years, and it’s still clean! And now after five twenty first century films I still actually prefer the 1970s cartoon, there I said it.